Before and After…

Another fine morning in the Midwest. We are in a Winter Weather Warning until tomorrow afternoon, weather people are saying expect 6-8″ of snow by tomorrow morning. Is it spring yet?! This morning, I was hoping that the snow would not hold me back from getting Arie to the groomer, he was in desperate need of a bath, a trim and a fresh smell. I would have given him a bath at home, but it never got warm enough.

So I settled on the groomer- a perk is she let’s him stay for the day and if there are other pups there he gets a play date.

So because of Arie’s homeless looking coat, I decided to do a before and after pictures of him because I knew it would be a significant change.

Here is Arie’s BEFORE picture:

arie_before Please look closely at his “grinch” looking paws, his hair was so long. He barely could see out of his long bangs. Poor little guy.

Here is Arie’s AFTER picture:

arie_afterPlease look closely at his paws-no more “grinch” paws. He has shorter bangs and can see a bit better. He also has a fancy St. Patty’s Day scarf with green dogs.

I just want to snuggle him, he smells so good and is so fluffy and soft.

I took this picture on my cell phone of Arie on the couch.

Arie_long_legsHe has freakishly long legs. His legs are as long as my arms. 🙂

Arie is so handsome and smells so good!

Thank you to Garci, our groomer! 🙂

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