My Apologies…

I have been absent from Go Blondie for a few weeks, I apologize. Can’t promise it will be any better now that the snow might be done hitting the Midwest. What crazy weather we have been having here. We went to my parents over the weekend to see my sister and my new baby nephew (cutest baby every-not bais) and upon our arrival to my parents they had snow. They had 17 inches of snow dumped on them MAY 2nd, repeat MAY 2nd. Just crazy.

I have been busy at work and then get home and have to do the home chores. The last month I have been dealing with some odd health stuff, that has been frustrating to understand because I don’t have any answers yet. I am sharing this on Go Blondie because I shared that I was diagnosed Celiac’s Disease almost a year and a half ago and this information maybe beneficial to others who have an autoimmune disease.

Some symptoms I have been experiencing is uncomfortable pain in my joints, nerves and muscles. I have been having horrible migraines where it is hard to think, see and the only thing that seems to dull the pain is an ice pack and sleep. I have been seeing a Neurologist who has done some testing and blood work. Some of my blood work came back elevated and I was further referred to a Arthritis and Rheumatoid Specialist. She stated that she wants to rule out Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis. I am doing another MRI for the headaches.

I asked the doctor if there is a correlation between Celiac’s and the symptoms. She stated that the Celiac’s can cause muscle and nerve inflammation resulting in the uncomfortable pain. I also asked the likeliness of having Lupus or RH, she stated most people who have one autoimmune disease  have a high probability of having another autoimmune disease. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I get some answers and have a way to deal with the pain.

We have done a lot in the last few weeks, so a few blog posts will be coming up! 🙂

Thanks for your patience,


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