Arie: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow…

Arie had his groomer appointment today at Pet Perfect Grooming. (he was  in desperate need. Ok, I was in desperate need for him to go) I can not brag enough about how much I love our groomers. They are so good to any animal that walks through their door and treats them as their own. The other wonderful piece is that Arie gets to stay there the whole day. When I walked in to get Arie, there were two other golden doodles there and holy moly, they all looked the same.

We decided to take “before, middle and after” pictures of Arie’s first full hair cut.

Before picture #1


He is so sweet, I love my big boy. I can not get enough of that face.

Before picture #2


Look at that hair. He looks so scruffy.

On the table picture


I love this photo. Our groomer took this picture and put it up on facebook. I could not get over how much hair was on the floor. At least he looks like he is smiling.

Drum roll please——————–

Ta Da— Arie’s first hair cut!


She said she cut off 3 inches of hair off and his length is an inch and a half. He looks absolutely handsome. Carl and I could not get over how long his legs are, they don’t stop.

We want to extend a huge Thank You to our groomers!

You all are the best and you will have a long lasting customer in Arie! 🙂

One thought on “Arie: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow…

  1. He looks like they lightened his hair too lol!!! Such a cutie…we always knew his legs were long…he is all legs lol!!

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