New Addition To My Kitchen…

In my previous post titled Update… I talked about us making a purchase, that has turned into a investment for us, our health and feeling better. I purchased a Breville Juice Fountain Plus from Bed Bath & Beyond on Saturday. I had purchased Juicing & Smoothies for Dummies to help with our new adventure. This book has great tips, explanations and recipes. I am excited and invested in a better way of living. Everyone who juices has their own reasons for juicing and what is keeping them committed to juicing. I am juicing for my health and to help with my aliments, I  am not juicing to lose weight; if that happens that is an added plus.


My new beautiful machine for the kitchen. I might have to name it. 🙂


The leading character of kitchen, it is so new and shiny.

We got a great big box of organic fruits and vegetables from my parents. With each drink I will blog a picture of the ingredients that I use and the finished product. Some of the tips I read in the book: Store in jars if you can and tinted to help with keeping the nutrients and minerals in the juice. They also stated that you should not store pre-made juice more than 24 hours in the refrigerator.

First Juice in the Juicer:



  • 3 medium sized carrots.
  • 4 celery stalks
  • 5 apples
  • 6 strawberries

Juice_1 Taste the rainbow. 🙂


It does not look the greatest; however, it was good and filling. It took about 30 mins to 1 hour before we felt full or not as hungry and we got so many good nutrients. 🙂

I will be trying recipes that are specific to my health- inflammation, arthritis, pain.

We decided that we will make a juice at night for morning drink and then make a juice in the morning for afternoon. We planned this way so we have fresher juices.

Cheers to juicing!


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