I am beginning to think that Sunday is my coined blogging day. I don’t want to be that person that just blogs about nothing but has a post everyday. I personally would rather blog about something that is new, fun, adventurous or informative. All boring right! 🙂 I have some updates in the next few posts! 🙂

A lot has gone on since my last blog post. I have blogged previously about having Celiac’s Disease, I went gluten free immediately, now for about 2 years and recently I have been going through more weird health stuff. I have been seeing a Neurologist, Rehumatoid Specialist and keeping my primary doctor in the loop. The first week of June, Thursday and Friday I attended a total of 6 different doctor appointments. Thursday was the Rehumatoid Specialist and Dentist, the specialist took a list of different blood tests. I return July 1st to have them explained. The specialist appeared to be confident that I do not have Lupus but probably a diagnosis of Rehumatoid Arthritis. On Friday, I went to physical therapy, Neurologist, Primary doctor and then the eye doctor. I might as well use that sick time, I earn, I was so exhausted and overwhelmed.

In the meantime, I have talked with friends and family about all that is going on. They have all provided endless, support, encouragement, love and feedback. Carl has been extremely supportive, he went with me to the Neurologist and Specialist appointments, it is great to have another set of ears and someone who sees a different perspective. I spoke in depth with my sister who is an occupational therapist and is up on some of the latest exercise and nutritional studies. She started asking about juicing. I was a bit hesitant; however, I will do anything to help with the inflammation, pain, headaches and weird aliments I am experiencing.

My (our) research began. I read blogs, articles, watched youtube videos and emailed others who have tried juicing. Carl has a co-worker who just bought a Breville Juicer that he really likes. Carl and I started our research on the Breville, Juice Fountain Plus. We were pleased to read positive reviews and watched videos of how it worked. I also purchased the book Juicing & Smoothies for Dummies, I highly recommend getting the book, so much information to help with juicing and essentially a lifestyle change.

On Saturday, we purchased our juicer from Bed Bath and Beyond. What a huge step, lifestyle change and a great investment I’m going to appreciate. We did not juice until today as my mom was bringing us organic fruits and veggies. So thankful to my parents for the goodies. 🙂 They say in the book buy organic if you can and if you do, you don’t have to wash your produce as that has nutrients. Interesting… We made our first juice tonight with our Breville and it was so quick, easy and to us clean up was nothing. I will be adding a new section to my blog for Juicing! 🙂

I am positive and hopeful this will help with some of my aliments.

Stay Tuned, more Juicing to come.


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