Yummy Shrimp and a Good Book…

At the beginning of June, one of my favorite books from a series was released. Stolen (book #8 of the Lucy Kincaid Series) written by Allison Brennan. I have read all the Lucy Kincaid Series books and love them. I read the three previous books to get the background of her family. Great book, I have liked the authors page on facebook and really enjoy how personable she is on her facebook page. The next book comes out this winter, I hate when I read a book so fast that I have to wait for the next one.

Right now, I am back to reading the Alphabet Series by Sue Grafton. I am book E for Evidence, they are quick easy reads.

Over the weekend we welcomed another addition to our family. I am an auntie again, my brother and his wife had their second beautiful baby boy on Friday. We got to see the baby on Sunday for a little bit. He is such a little peanut.

On Saturday Morning, my brother said that we have go to the shrimp truck. I thought WHAT?! what is the shrimp truck. It is a company called Fabian from Galveston, TX. They fish for their shrimp and other seafood and throw it in coolers on a cooler truck and drive it to the midwest. So it is FRESH! I love seafood and fish so I was in heaven. We met my brother at the truck and we got some fresh shrimp, I can’t wait to try them on the grill. 🙂 YUM

Fabian Fresh Shrimp

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