Costco Shopping 101.

On Friday we both took a vacation day, in which we had our separate errands to run. Carl wanted to rent a rug doctor to clean our dining room and living room carpets. There is a lot of foot traffic and it gets dirty when you have a big dog like Arie! 🙂 While Carl cleaned the carpets.  I had a meeting with a co-worker to finish up our presentation we have to give later this month.

When I got home we started our adventure to Costco Wholesale. A few tips I want to share if you decide on Costco or any wholesale store membership.

  1. Walk the store prior to loading up the cart and buying, its helpful to have a general idea of where things are.
  2. ALWAYS make a list or you will be in trouble when you get to the check out line. 🙂
  3. It might be better with 2 carts if you have two people shopping. We discovered half way through shopping, 2 carts is way better than 1 cart.
  4. Bring freezer bags (love my Ikea one) grocery bags, or boxes for when you get to the vehicle to unload your items.
  5. Oh and be sure you have enough room in your vehicle and when you get home to store your goodies.

We got a Costco membership to cut costs and budget when it comes to juicing, that can add up and get expensive. However, this trip we added a few more items that we wanted in bulk like cleaning supplies, toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, etc… We got a bunch of chicken both bone in and boneless along with a few healthier items, like chicken burgers and chicken breakfast sausages. I will share what we liked, I did try to check the labels as well for the trustee Gluten Free label. 🙂

We had a successful trip to Costco. I had gotten home and looked at our receipts to see what was spent on produce and fruit so then we can budget how long the items will last us for and roughly how much we will be paying every time to we go to get our items.

I took this picture of our packed to the brim freezer. The side door is pack jammed as well. 🙂


Happy Costco shopping! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Costco Shopping 101.

    • I completely agree, love finding new items that I haven’t seen or tried before. Trying to recipes is something I enjoy as well. Thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂

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