Costco is Wonderful

As you all have probably read, Carl and I decided to get a Costco membership to help with our juicing expense as that is not cheap with all the fruits and veggies you have to buy, for this expensive healthy eating habit. But I do sure love it.

Anyway, we went Friday after the 4th to Costco and besides getting our fruits, veggies and household items we found a few other items that we wanted to try. We have tried them and they are a good healthier alternative and pretty tasty, imagine that. 🙂


We really enjoyed both of these products.

On the right is chicken breakfast sausages that we had for saturday and sunday breakfast, they are pretty filling that I really only could eat 1 barely 2. They are Sausages by AMYLU-Breakfast Time Chicken Sausages.  Two reasons why we picked these- 1. they are Gluten Free 2. they are chicken with helps us with not eating as much red meat. I believe I have the apple, smoked gouda sausages in the freezer so can’t wait to try them.

On the left is Florentine Chicken Burgers from Coleman Natural Foods. They are already fully cooked so all you need to do is heat them. Carl put them on the grill for just a few short minutes. Needless to say, one of my new favorite foods, they were really good flavorful and again they are white meat versus red meat The packaging did not specifically say they are gluten free; however, I did not see anything in the ingredients that contained gluten, still read the label to be safe. These are fantastic and totally recommend them.

Also, with supper tonight, I made sautéed sugar snap peas. In a pan I put a little olive oil, my peas, salt, pepper, crushed red pepper and a hint of lemon juice and sautéed them about 3-5 mins. They were pretty tasty and liked the sweet with the crushed red pepper. 🙂

Happy Monday Night! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Costco is Wonderful

    • I completely agree. We will be going often for juicing and once we find more favorite food that will be great. I really like the chicken burgers. 🙂

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