TV Shows+Drama = Addicted

I just wanted to share a few good TV series that we have been watching.

Carl and I have watched House of Cards– A Netflix Series and that is a great political series of the White House. I am not the biggest fan of those shows but I like it. We are happy there is another season coming out.

After we finished House of Cards, we saw that Netflix has Mad Men on there now. It is a great series that is set in the 1960’s at an Ad Agency. It is nice for a change to watch a show that is in Carl’s neck of the woods. we always seem to watch shows that are crime related or suspenseful.

Now that I am hooked, I have started watching Scandal an ABC TV Series. I have grown to like to Kerry Washington as an actress. I can’t stop watching, it is addicting. 

Back in college, me and my then college friends watched the TV show Prison Break. It is a great series, it isn’t for everyone; however so great. Main actor Michael is great. So I decided that I need to re-watch this series. 

However, I must say though, I will always love Friends! Best show ever. 🙂

Anyway, just wanted to share a few of the shows that we have been watching, when it has been to hot to go outside. 🙂

Happy Tuesday Night!

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