Fun In The Kitchen…

This was our typical weekend of running errands. I seriously feel we are always running errands. I must say with a Costco membership, we don’t run nearly as much. We have it down to a science that we can get through about 2 weeks with our fresh fruits and veggies for juicing. Which is helpful with budgeting and space for food- we don’t want to be wasteful.

On Thursday night, I decided I wanted to move my spices from the cupboard where they were messy and I couldn’t see what I all had, to one of my kitchen drawers. We cook a lot more and I have more spices that this seemed like a good idea. I spent Thursday night and some on Friday, searching on the internet and calling places to look for a “spice drawer” insert. I found beautiful wood ones that ranged from $30.00 to over $100.00, I was not looking to spend that much. I then found an plastic insert at Home Depot that I could cut down to fit in my drawer specifically. I really like my drawer and wish I would have done this sooner.

Spice Drawer


On Friday after work we ran to the Coop because I have been doing research on Hemp Protein. I am going to try this protein with my juices and future smoothies when I make those. lol I also bought a sample pack of Hemp Hearts which is similar to flax seed or chia seeds. Manitoba Harvest is the brand they had at the Coop. I wanted to get the Hemp oil, they were sold out of that. I got the Hemp Pro 50 and Hemp Hearts, I will let you know more of what I think when I try them this week. My mom has been helping me research more holistic ways to assist with my aches and pains and immune system. We have been looking at the oils, so at the Coop I got the wintergreen organic oil. I will update you on that once I try that.

Hemp_Pro_50  Hemp_Hearts

On Saturday morning, we had to go to Target to get a new toaster, my 4 slice toaster kicked the bucket this week, I was bummed as we liked the toaster. (side note- Arie woke us up at 5:47am)While at target we had a couple other odds and ends to get. We have friends coming this weekend Fri, Sat and Sun and we are doing chicken and steak kabobs with sweet corn and some other veggie. I need to get MORE spices for the steak marinade. While at Target, I have been looking for a bigger citrus juicer, I have one small handled one but want a bigger one because it does not fit my Costco lemons very well, it makes a mess and the seeds go every where. So I found a nice citrus juicer at Target and I love it! 🙂 Great find!

Citrus Juicer

Citrus_Juice_1   Citrus_Juicer_2

On Friday, I ran to the grocery store by work to browse, I needed to get out of the office. I grabbed a few spices and then I saw this Beer Can Chicken Rub that was already made and thought it would taste great. So on Saturday night, Carl and I made chicken thighs with the rub, steamed baby red potatoes and  asparagus that was soaked in olive oil, fresh lemon juice (from my new citrus juicer) and salt and pepper on the grill. The chicken turned out fantastic with the rub, I tried finding it online for y’all but I can’t. 😦 It does have Dean Jacobs on the top of the tin. So when I googled that, I got excited because this company has a whole website of fun goodies for cooking! I think I might purchase some of the olive oils like the basil and rosemary infused ones. Yum!  I re-googled the rub again and at least found a picture, even though it is amazon- Dean Jacobs Beer Can Chicken Rub.

Beer Can Chicken Rub

Beer_Can_Chicken_Rub This stuff is fantastic!

Our delicious supper


I just wanted to share some of our fun kitchen finds this past week/end. I will have a few more fun blog posts coming up as I have a few things up my sleeve. I am looking into what is going to be be my fall/winter hobby! I’ve got it and it’s going to be a real honey! 🙂 Another side note- Arie had me up Sunday morning at 4:11am and then again at 6:13am, needless to say, I was up and ready to go for the day!

Happy Sunday!


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