Peanut Butter Smoothie

On Friday, we had to run a few errands before our friends showed up. We didn’t have lunch planned so I thought why not try to make a smoothie, I haven’t made one yet and we had a handful of frozen bananas.

I follow a Facebook page called Food Matters. This is a great site nutrition and finding new products. Because of this site, I found and researched Hemp Protein. Anyway, they had a recipe for a “Nut Butter Lover” Protein Shake. I tweaked my recipe just a little bit and I call mine a smoothie. 🙂

Peanut Butter Smoothie-


(my picture)

1 scoop of organic hemp protein powder
1 TB natural peanut butter (I used regular peanut butter, that is all we had)
1 cup of almond milk or hemp milk ( I used regular skim milk, that is all I had) 
1/2 banana (preferably frozen)
3-5 ice cubes

This was good and very filling, I would definitely make again. I want to try to make some fruit smoothies to see how they turn out.  🙂

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