Long Over Due…

Oh man, I have been off the blogging grid. We have been busy almost every weekend and to be honest, sitting at the computer and blogging was not appealing  at the time.

We had three weddings back to back and it was a lot of running; however enjoyable to see family and friends. I don’t think we have ever had that many busy weekends before.

Saturday September 7, 2013

We had a friend’s wedding in Duluth, MN. Duluth is one of my favorite places to go ever and it is wonderful that it’s in Northern Minnesota. I love the Aerial Lift Bridge, the Canal Park Broad walk and all the other sights of Duluth, I took a few pictures of our time in Duluth.

Aerial_Lift_Bridge Aerial Lift Bridge in Duluth

Canal_Park_Boardwalk Canal Park Boardwalk and the walk out for the lighthouse

Lake_Superior_Big_Ship The lighthouse and a ship out in Lake Superior

Lake_Superior The lake and city of Duluth in the cloudy setting

Grandma's_Sports_Garden Of course you can’t forget Grandma’s.

We had drove to my sister’s house because we were staying at her house to watch her dog. On our way up we stopped at a great restaurant, called The Grumpy Minnow, it was located on some back gravel road but it had a great view of the water and great food with service.

I love the bar logo-


That was a fun weekend in Duluth. Arie spent some time at my other sister’s house with her three children. They said he was well behaved and had a great time.

Next Weekend- Saturday September 14, 2013

We took Friday September 13th off because I had an appointment with the specialist to check on how I am doing. I was really praying and hoping that I would get off the prednisone, as I have been on it since May. I was starting to feel the effects of it, I was getting puffy and gaining weight. Anyway, we went to Wisconsin that weekend for my cousin’s wedding. He and his wife-to-be asked me to be a reader in their wedding, it was an honor. They had a pretty wedding and it was wonderful to see family that weekend. The bad part of the weekend Carl got really sick and was sick for almost a week. Oh, and I didn’t get off the medicine unfortunately.

Following Weekend- Friday September 20, 2013

We had found out the next week that one of Carl’s co-workers was getting married on Friday and we were invited to a fancy mansion in Minneapolis. It was at the Van Dusen Mansion, it was very classy. Their ceremony was outside and that was nice minus the weather then they had fancy appetizers and a fun meal that was buffet style.

We had quite a few weekends that were packed. Along with that my car’s transmission went out. That was pretty stressful, I had to find a way to get my car back and then I had to get a rental car. But on the bright side we found a vehicle within a week and it was lots of test driving and researching online. We decided on a crossover, with Arie being 60 lbs, we needed a bigger vehicle and overall we needed more cargo room for traveling.


Arie loves his new ride, I named her Mona, not sure why but it seemed to fit.

Sorry I had been absent, I will try to get back in the swing of things again.

I am reading the Alphabet Series by Sue Grafton and I just finished book “I”, I like the books, she just released “W” so I have to keep going to get caught up. I also started reading another book by Allison Brennan.

I have been trying a few new recipes and gluten free desserts, I will be sure to blog about them. I bought fresh scallops from the Coop tonight and will make them tomorrow night, can’t wait!

Anyway, thank you all for following even though I go in sprits with blogging. I promise I will try to be better.

Happy almost TGIF.


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