Birthday 2013!!!

My Birthday was at the beginning of the month and it was another great year.

Carl was a surprise as always! When I got home that afternoon, I had beautiful flowers and fun presents.


I got a new tea tumbler from Teavana, a cereal bowl from Williams Sonoma to go with my set (one broke a while back), Cities Sample #4 CD and a Williams Sonoma gift card. Arie got me a red Kong leash to walk him. I love the leash! 🙂


Great minds think alike! Carl and I got each other the same exact birthday card for our birthdays this year.

Carl and I did a little shopping and then we worked our way to the Twin Cities. We stopped at a couple of pubs and then Carl had reservations for us at Fogo De Chao for supper! Holy cow, I have never eaten that much before!

Birthday_Girl Birthday Girl downtown.

Friday was a lot of fun and then the birthday celebration continued and we had supper with three other couples for my birthday. We had a GREAT time with them all; I am so thankful and blessed for my friends.

Then the birthday continued into the next week. Carl had gotten us tickets to see Amos Lee in concert. AMAZING, he is one of the most talented singer songwriters I have ever seen perform.

Here are a few pictures, a little grainy because they’re from a cell phone.

State_TheatreThe theatre prior to Amos came out.

AmosLee Hard to see, but it’s amazing Amos Lee.

I had a wonderful birthday and many thanks and love goes out to all the those who made it so special for me.

– Blondie!

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