Fast Forward… With a Little Recap…

My last post was about a month ago when Arie got his holiday hair cut. I need to catch you all up to speed.

We had a family gathering the second weekend of November. It was my brother’s housewarming party, his wife’s birthday and celebrating getting to see my sister from Arkansas again; it was a fun weekend.  I didn’t have to work that Monday because of Veteran’s Day, so my sister from up north had came that weekend and we shopped, laughed a lot and drank wine for the weekend. I had seen her two weekends prior and  I remember “dancing” a lot that weekend; We maybe had “some” wine. I was channeling my inner Chandler Bing from Friends when I was dancing.

The weekend before Thanksgiving, Carl and I had date night and we went out to eat to Granite City Food & Brewery for supper. After supper we had tickets to a winery for a two hour wine tasting and education wine tour. It was at the Warehouse Winery. It was such a neat place and their wine was delicious.

Us wine tasting.


The following weekend was Thanksgiving.

On Wednesday morning while I was packing, I was telling Arie that we would be going to Grandma’s house.

Arie_Going_To_Grandmas he was waiting patiently.

Arie_Ready he was ready to go to Grandma’s house.

We all gathered with family at my parents. It was another year of eating too much, laughing a lot and drinking some wine. 🙂 My parents make TWO turkeys not one but two. One we eat and the other is for leftovers for all of us kids to take home. I’m pretty sure my mom made 20 pounds of potatoes, two stuffings, sweet potatoes, a fruit salad, buns and I know I am missing some of the other food. It was a fantastic meal. I know every one always favor their mom or grandmother are good cooks and no one else’s is, I truly believe that! haha. Both my mother and grandmother are the “Bomb” at cooking.

Here are a few pictures of Arie recovering from all the puppy crack after Thanksgiving.

Sweet_Arie My sweet Arie’s favorite spot.

Tired_Arie Arie was really tired after all the puppy crack.

Then December 1st rolled around pretty quick. I can’t believe how fast the year went. I was asked to travel to Wisconsin to speak to a few college classes in my major-Vocational Rehabilitation. My drive out there was great and got there in now time. My way home on the other hand was a very different story. Winter snow storm here it comes.


Welcome snow to the Midwest.

That was a short and sweet fast forward recap of our last month.

I wish you all a happy holiday season.

– Blondie!

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