Blondie + Julia Child = Delicious Christmas Dinner

For Carl’s family Christmas, this year we had to compromise with everyone’s work and flight schedules. We were able to all be together the Sunday before Christmas, it worked out great. Carl and I offered to make the main meal of Christmas dinner. I called upon my older sisters for ideas and suggestions. I wanted something I could make the day before and after a day of sitting would taste better. My sister said I had to make a hearty meal. She mentioned that she made Julia Child’s Beef Bourguignon (boor-gee-ynon) and it was delicious. It was a healthier version of Julia Child’s original dish.

She sent me the recipe she used from the Relish Magazine- Beef Bourguignon. I was a little nervous to take on the task but knew I could. My sisters said we had to watch the movie “Julie & Julia“. We watched the movie prior to making the dish and I must say I was more excited to make the meal.

I wanted to add a potato with the meal but did not want it in the dish as the potatoes would get mushy. My other sister said to do boiled baby red potatoes on the side. My sister who gave me the recipe said I had to do Pioneer Woman’s Buttered Rosemary/Sea Salt Rolls. So now that we had the potatoes and rolls figured out, we needed a salad. We decided on a strawberry, gorgonzola cheese and spinach salad with poppyseed dressing.

It all came together so well and everything was gluten free except the rolls. I couldn’t eat them but they were a hit.

Here are some photos from our Christmas Beef Bourguignon Dinner.


I forgot the carrots in this picture.


All the goodies cut up and ready to go. In the glass measuring cup is the onion, carrots, red and green pepper and mushrooms.


I love my 8.5 qt dutch oven, so glad I bought the big one. I just need to find a spot for it.


Have to taste test. It was unfortunate, I had an upset stomach so my taste buds were off. Carl was a great taste tester and he did not mind. 🙂 There is almost a bottle of yummy red wine in there. 🙂


All finished, it turned out perfect.

Finished_Dinner Carl’s sister took a picture of her Christmas dinner.

What I would do different with the recipe- 

The recipe was really easy to make and directions were easy to follow. I would make sure my beef chunks of meat are BIG. We got ours from the butcher shop and some of them were smaller pieces and they cooked faster and I thought they were tough; however, the bigger pieces were perfect.

I also prefer a gray based stew versus tomato base. I would find a way to sub the two cans of diced tomatoes to some type of gravy. Otherwise, I would keep everything else the same. It was really delicious and I will make again.

I want to say THANK YOU to my sisters for their group effort to help with the meal, it turned out wonderfully.

PS. I also made a Chex Mix candy mix. It is super addicting.


Here is the recipe- It is called Better Than Sex Chex Mix.

What I would do differently- I would leave the white chocolate out, Carl and I don’t care for white chocolate much.


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