Christmas 2013

Our Christmas this year was a little different because of the holiday being during the week. I had to work on Christmas Eve so we stayed home this year. Good thing we did, we got a lot of snow and the driving wouldn’t have been good. We went to 3:30 Christmas service and it was a new pastor this year, I really liked him. He kept everyone engaged and really involved the children in the message. This church reminds of me the church we attended when I was growing up. The families and children were so involved. I miss that. We are going to try the Saturday night service to see what it is like.

Our_XMas_Tree Our tree on Christmas Eve.

After Church we got home and had a lame supper, as my sister would think. lol Carl had reheated pizza and I had gluten free chicken nuggets. haha we didn’t have a lot of time because we were going to a movie. We went to the movie “Saving Mr. Banks”. It was a great movie and I would recommend it.

When we got home we opened our presents. We are very practical people and this year it showed. lol

Opening_Presents Carl and Arie assumed their position for present opening. Carl wanted the crackle and music of the Yule Log and then we had the warmth of our fake fireplace. lol As our friend said, “Dueling Fireplaces”.

I got great gifts from Carl and Arie this year. I got a 10-cup Food Processor, cutting board, magnetic chip clips, new cutting board, a Duluth canvas, corn on the cob holders and my Arie 2014 calendar.

Carl got clothes from Arie and me; a few sweaters, t-shirts, a jacket and a gift card for jeans.

We had a good Christmas this year.

Happy Holidays to You All.



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