6yr Anniversary


On New Years Eve, that was the night six years ago that Carl and I went on our first date. Six years ago seems like forever; of all the places we could have picked, we went to Applebees. I can still remember that night, we laughed so much and we talked about where we lived, where our parents lived, sports, school, and aspirations we both have. Then we went to hang out with my German Foreign Exchange Student and his German friends, boy do they know how to party! haha Carl and I in a weird way met through my ex-boyfriend. Him and Carl were in the same major in College. And really awkward they did their Senior Project together, ok maybe awkward for me.

On January 9, 2008, One could say that Carl and I were “officially” dating! It is crazy to think how far we have come and what we have experienced individually and as a couple. Together we have experienced sadness of losing family members, happiness of our nephews being born, friends and family getting married. We had have changes in jobs, livivng space and health. We are so blessed by the friends we have made and how much fun we have with them.  Oh yes, we can’t forget our four-legged fur baby-Arie. I wouldn’t dream of having anyone else but Carl by my side through it all!

I got Carl this very sleek watch from his dad. It is a Citizen Titanium Golf Watch.

Picture of Carl’s Watch:


Carl got me the Floor Corking Machine for when we cork our wine. I was very excited because we have a Riesling that will need to be bottled shortly. 🙂

Carl had taken me out to eat to Radisson Blu that is connected to the Mall of America, it was a nice restaurant.

Much love to you Carl and thank you for being you! 🙂

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