Fresh Haircut and Much More… :)

On Friday last week 1/31/14, I decided to take a half-day at work to go get my hair done, I was way overdue for something new. So much so, that Carl said I haven’t done anything new with my hair in a long time. That means a lot when a guy notices. lol

I had a horrible Friday morning might I add. I woke up when I should have been leaving for work. Then half way through my drive I noticed my car was bouncing. When I got to work, I checked my back tires and there was snow and ice caked inside the rim that was messing with the movement. So then I spent about 20 mins trying to get the ice out with a wooden ruler. And to top it off, I locked myself out of my office. Needless to say, I was looking for a upside to the day and couldn’t wait for my haircut. Little did I know, my day was going to get MUCH better!

I love my new haircut. 🙂 My stylist did a great job with the layers and then she thinned out my hair a bet so it wasn’t so thick.


When I was done I ran a few errands. I spent money at Ulta, such a good store and so much to look at. I maybe spent a little there. 🙂

When I got home, I walked into the house to find Carl cooking this amazing supper. He was making bacon wrapped filet mignon, garlic cheddar mashed potatoes and green beans. He had cleaned the house and had music playing and candles lit. I asked what was going on and he said he wanted to cook supper, I was thinking that Valentine’s Day is still two weeks away. lol Anyway, I went with the flow and appreciated it. I had been listening to the music choice that was on the ipod and asked if he changed the music, he said maybe. It was some of our favorite slow songs, I was starting to get a little suspicious. We had sat down to supper and chatted about our days, how delicious the steak was and other odds and ends.

Carl had said he put a note in the “Blessing Jar” and I should read it. I had been bugging him to put something in there but he hadn’t yet. So I opened up the jar and read his note. I am sure you see where this is going. I looked at him and back down at the note and started crying. It had said “1/31/14, today I asked you to marry me”. Then he got down on one knee and proposed. Arie was there with a toy saying we had to pay attention to him, he didn’t know what was going on.

After, he asked who I wanted to call. I said no one, I need to take this all in. He asked what I wanted to do then, I said how about the dishes from supper. If you know me well enough, I have a weird thing with dishes and getting them done. lol

What an evening, good thing I got my haircut.

Here is a picture of the beautiful ring that Carl picked for me. His father is a jeweler and that makes this ring extra special to me.


We have been overjoyed and so blessed by the love and support we have received from friends and family.

Let the next chapter begin!

– Blondie!

4 thoughts on “Fresh Haircut and Much More… :)

  1. Dearest Julia, I was talking to my brother last night (Uncle Artie), and his wife mentioned your blog. I hadn’t read for a long time. I looked at it a few minutes ago and enjoyed every word written. Only read 1/2 dozen entries. The wine making is awesome and your engagement ring and announcement is just what I’ve been anxious to hear. When Carl called to tell me I could not have been happier for both of you. Much love and hugs, Grandma G.

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