Save the Date… And Many Blessings.

Since getting engaged, it has been pretty crazy busy with wedding stuff and working. The week we got engaged, I think my mom and I talked on the phone more than we ever have in my lifetime. My mom asked us a few questions regarding our wedding when, where and date. We didn’t have a specific date, we were more interested in a August/September wedding and we wanted it in Duluth, MN. Why Duluth, you ask?! I have many memories in Duluth as a child with my parents and now Carl and I have fun memories in Duluth as well. We thought it would be a great place and a mini vacation spot for our guests as well. We gave my mom a few different lodges up in the area and she offered to call around to get the specifics for us. My mom and dad called us one of the evenings and said what about a boat. All I could think of was what I told Carl about eight months ago when I said, wouldn’t it be cool to get married on a harbor cruise in Duluth. Obviously, eight months ago, neither of us knew we would be engaged and that the comment would become a reality.

From the date we got engaged on Friday January 31st to the following Wednesday February 5th, we had a date and venue and owe many many thanks to my mother. My mom called and emailed tirelessly for three days. And now it is settled that we are getting married on August 23 this year on the Vista Fleet Star Harbor Cruise. My mom was a rockstar to have found a place for us in that short period of time and where we wanted it and when we wanted it.

The following Monday, I sent in our Save the Date’s to get printed. Carl designed them and turned out great.


Now that the biggest part is taken care of, we can breathe a little better. But now I need to find a dress and don’t have a lot of time.

Happy Dress Hunting.


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