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I have been eating “somewhat” healthier for the last few years as I don’t eat gluten anymore due to being diagnosed with Celiac Disease. But I was reading some articles and I signed up to receive Jenna’s 30 Days to a better you on the Today Show. I am not looking to necessarily lose weight but more for toning and building stronger muscles and joints with having Sjogren’s. So I am going two weeks with no carbs, so lean protein, lots of veggies and fruit. I also have limited my dairy intake, I only have been having one or two pieces of string cheese a day for snacks, along with nuts or a piece of fruit. I have really enjoyed being creative with no carbs. I did have a french fry of Carl’s on Saturday night but that was it, I have been doing pretty well otherwise. My lunch at work consists of a lettuce wrap with turkey, provolone cheese, tomato and a little mayo. At night I have been eating about a 100 calorie bowl of popcorn for a snack.

Here are a few pictures of the suppers we have had with no carbs.


No Carbs Supper 1st night.

Protein is lemon pepper cod from Costco, sautéed mushrooms, snap peas and yellow peppers in olive oil, salt and pepper.


No Carbs Supper 2nd night.

Protein is beer can chicken rub seasoning on the boneless chicken thigh, left over sautéed veggies and corn.


No Carbs Supper 3rd night.

Protein is boneless chicken thigh with a random seasoning mix I had in the drawer, we didn’t care for it as much, not enough flavor. I made roasted mushrooms and brussels sprouts, both were good. I will make both side dishes again.


Garlic Parmesan Roasted Brussels Sprouts 

super easy to make and was quick.

Baked Mushrooms with Rosemary and Parmesan

These were tasty and we liked the lemon zest on the mushrooms.

On to fitness, I have been working out on a regular basis every other night sometimes every night. I have been doing Kettle Bell workouts, I really like them as they keep me engaged and moving and it is not the same thing that I am doing. When I signed up to receive tips from the Today Show’s Jenna, she had what she called “pocket exercises” I would mix them into my kettle bell workouts. Click the link above to see what her workouts are.

Carl had asked for a nice pair of running for an early birthday present, I also decided I should get a new pair as well. He got Brooks-Revenna, I got Asics- Gel Cumulus 16. We both really liked our shoes and can’t wait to get running. I am not a long distance runner at all but I will do sprints and shorter distances, any is better than none.

Tonight for supper, we are having seasoned chicken breasts, with butternut squash and sautéed veggies.

Happy Sunday.


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