Planning Madness…


In the last two weeks, Carl and I had been to Hobby Lobby about 3 times. We went to get the floral pieces for our centerpieces which we practically cleaned them out of. Then I had a friend help me with the centerpiece, she used to be a florist. She said we needed different stems. So we went back to Hobby Lobby and bought other stems. My luck they didn’t have enough stems and I was going to have to order online and then to find out the next day everything we got went 50% off.

So Carl was so sweet and went back to Hobby Lobby on Thursday last week to get our difference of money back and then he picked up more flowers. We will have approximately 20 centerpieces, that is for the second deck and then the first deck. We are also using wine bottles, because I wanted to go inexpensive and we figured, we have A LOT of bottles for when we bottle our wine. So I will continue to work on our centerpieces. I will not be posting pictures as I would like it to be a surprise for our guests. 🙂


I found two  pair of shoes that I am trying to decide between. One pair is from DSW, they were “strappy” and I felt support, I liked them. The other pair was from David’s Bridal everyone else liked them, They only had a strap around one side of the foot. I went back to David’s Bridal to look at them again. They didn’t have my size and they didn’t have the color and if I bought them to just try  on it was a final sale. 😦 So I was looking online at the site and I found a silver pair in that style that I could order and then return if need be, they should be coming tomorrow. I will meet up with my two personal attendants/best friends to have  them help me figure out which ones to get. I must say, I am to the point that I just want to get a cute pair of flip flops instead, we’ll see what I plan.

Decisions, Decisions.

Odds and Ends: 

Carl’s parents worked on a few projects for our guest table. We saw them on Friday night to celebrate his dad’s 60th Birthday! We had a great time. They showed us the projects, they did a fantastic job and they turned out great. They also brought my jewelry and Carl’s ring, it all looked fabulous. Lots of thank you’s go out to them. 🙂

So right now, the big thing is to figure out my shoes so then I can go get my dress hemmed. And to finish our centerpieces. The last half of April weekends are booked and all of May weekends are booked. We won’t have much time to get some of our stuff done, so we need to do it now.

Happy Sunday.


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