Update on wedding planning.

Wedding planning is somewhat coming along. We have sent out the wedding invites last week and the RSVP’s need to be back by July 28th. Today I finished the rest of the center pieces and Carl helped me assemble them. We have three left to do. I have talked with the florist to get the flowers figured out and I have figured out my hair appointment for the wedding day. We both have been pretty busy with work, so the planning has gone on hold somewhat.

I know the last post that I did was about trying to find shoes! I found some! YAY, the fifth pair was a charm. Here is a picture of the shoes. My dress is hemmed and all ready to go so that was exciting.

photo They are from the flip flop store at the Mall of America.

On Sunday last week we hung out with our wedding photographers and then took photos of Arie and us.

The planning continues.


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