New Ink

Over the last several months, I have contemplated getting another tattoo. I have the Christian fish symbol on my ankle, that I got 7 years ago. I love the symbol and the meaning. I thought it was a wonderful reminder of my faith and what grounds me. I attended Lutheran school all through grade school and went to bible camp every summer. It was a great experience and so much so, that I applied to be a counselor at the camp and got in. That was one of the best summers I have ever had.

Fish Tattoo ankle tattoo

I have been really interested in the infinity symbol with an anchor on my wrist. The guy who helped with the tattoo and the design was awesome.  However, he said that I had super small wrists and the tattoo with the infinity symbol  and anchor would not have fit cross way and I would have had to put it up my arm.

So Carl found a single anchor to put on my wrist. So we went the tattoo shop the Tuesday before the 4th of July to get it done. The meaning behind the anchor is based on the Hebrews 6:19  bible verse- “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain”. Also, I grew up boating and being on the water as a kid. Carl and I have had fond memories of boating and we are getting married on the water up north. I also feel that it is a symbol and meaning that I am a grounded person and sure of what I want.

Anchor Tattoo anchor tattoo

I love my new tattoo and didn’t notice that the two tattoos kind of go together.

It is memories that I won’t forget and will continue to cherish.



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