Wedding Update… T-Minus 27 days!

The countdown has begun, we are under 30 days before the wedding and only 27 away! It’s go time, get your game face on! haha Ok, not really. I am trying to tell myself that because we are getting married on a boat, it won’t be as stressful as a big formal wedding, who am I kidding right! It’s all in my head is what Carl would say! Thanks, Honey!

We have gotten Carls outfit picked out, we did that over the July 4th vacation. He will be wearing a beach themed outfit with Linen pants and a 100% cotton shirt. He got nice shoes from DSW as well, it is a outfit that he will be able to wear again. Both of the dad’s have their outfits figured out, they are wearing Hawaiian shirts keeping with the boating theme! 🙂 We want everyone to be comfortable and have fun.

Two weekends ago I went to Duluth to do my hair trial run.

Here are a few pictures.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

I was very happy with the style so lets hope that it stays with my thick mop of hair! 🙂

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