Exploring Two Harbors

On Monday, the last day of our wedding weekend, we drove up north to Two Harbors. When we left to drive up there it was super foggy. We really enjoyed our drive up there and back, the weather was beautiful and we made little stops along the way. We went to the Break Walk and then stopped in town at a coffee shop and then made our way back to Duluth then home to get to our big pooch Arie, we couldn’t wait to snuggle him. We have to admit that we happy when everything was done so we could enjoy no stress. Everyone has asked if we have felt different and we haven’t because we have been together for over 6.5 years, so this is a continuation of our relationship and now Carl has to wear a ring! 🙂 haha

We had a great wedding weekend. We feel so blessed and thankful for all of our friends and family who travelled to Duluth for our special day. We are glad that you made it special. We can’t wait to see photos from our photographers.

Here are photos from our Monday trip!


When we got back home and got our pooch, this was our result.

photo 3 (4) Our boy was zonked out.

photo 2 (14) this is what four days at boarding will do.

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