Birthday 2014…

Another birthday has rolled around. After being sick for almost 1 1/2 weeks and trying to get better, it was another busy weekend. We were planning on going to see Davina and The Vagabonds for Halloween but we were both just so tired. lol old and lame, I know! So we stayed home, ordered Chinese food and watched a movie.

Saturday November 1st was my birthday, it was nice relaxing birthday. We had some gift cards for Target from our wedding, so we went there to finish up our shopping off our registry. Carl treated me to the movie Gone Girl, which was really good. I am only halfway through the book and seeing the movie really makes me want to finish the book. On Saturday night we got together with friends for dinner and then we went out with Jake and David for drinks after. I was so tired when I got home that I didn’t open my presents from Carl until the next morning. (signs of your getting older)

BirthdayDinner Dinner with friends

DrinksTiffanysDrinks with Jake and David

CarlJulia Carl and I

Birthday2014 My presents from Carl, perfume, a clear tea mug for work and a gift card for tea. 🙂

On Sunday we did a lot of clean-up and organizing. We finally got to some of our wedding gifts and hung them up and also to hanging up our canvas wraps for our collage.

WeddingGifts we got the wine sign and the cork holder from two different guests but how awesome that they match.

Here is the start of our canvas collage.

CanvasCollage CanvasCollage_1

We are adding two more 12×12 canvas wraps and two 8×10 canvas wraps. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. 🙂 I will post photos of it.

I had a wonderful birthday. Thank you for all the well wishes from friends and family! I feel so blessed.



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