Late Weekend Update…

Here is a late weekend update. The last few weekend have been busy that I haven’t had a lot of free time to actually sit down to relax let alone to breathe and come up with a creative blog post. 🙂 I think this weekend I can! This is more than just one weekend update, its like 3-4 weekends in one! 🙂

On Wednesday October 15th I woke up not feeling great; however, I had to go to work Wednesday and Thursday, as I had group to facilitate. I was so sick on Thursday that my co-workers said I looked like death. “Lovely, thank  you co-workers” On Friday I stayed home because it was so bad, I ended up sleeping almost 5 nights on the couch, that bad. Carl went to his parents house that weekend so it was just Arie and I.

This is what I did on my sick day…

StinkerPie SleepyArie LazyBones HeaterBlanket

Arie was such a good snuggler and friend to have while I was home sick.

When Carl got home, this is what he came home too…

Frisbee Arie was bored with me for not being up to playing frisbee that he couldn’t wait until Carl got home.

Also, when Carl got home, I got my new watch that I ordered! I love the casual white.


The weekend of October 24th was SOOOOO busy-Recap

On Friday, my sister flew in from Arkansas so we had a sisters get together on Friday at Stella’s Fish Cafe in Uptown. Hands down, they have one of the best Happy Hours I have been too. I had a 1/2 pound of peeled shrimp, a side of fries. I am not a huge fan of mussels or oysters (what they are known for), I think, I have been convinced, their champagne mussels where to die for. After supper when my sister and I got home, we talked Carl into taking us to a haunted house.

On Saturday, Carl and I drove to his hometown for a wedding open house that his parents hosted for us for their town friends and distant relatives. It was very nice and great to meet everyone, they were so generous to us.

On Sunday, all of us siblings and my parents met at my brothers house for a family get together. Those don’t happen often because we are all so busy and live all over, so we need to get together any chance we get.

Then Sunday night, my sister and I went to the Red Wing Winery-Falconer Vineyards prior to going to The Band Perry at Treasure Island Casino.

RWWinery Red Wing Winery

TheBandPerry TBP TBP_1


The Band Perry photos. Photos are the greatest, they are off my phone. Sorry…

I spent the whole week getting better so that I was ready for that busy weekend. I drank lots of water and tea.

This was our Sunday breakfast that weekend-

SundayMimosa SundayBreakfast

We had mimosas and then “fancy” eggs (sautéed mushrooms, onions, green peppers, top the tator and milk) and meat market sausage links.

Sorry for the long drawn out post but have to get the photos in! 🙂

Happy Sunday!






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