Dedicated to Music

So for the last six years I/we have stood in line at the closest Target the Thursday before Thanksgiving. Why you ask,  to get a copy of the Cities Sampler CD. Artists who come to the area for shows record acoustic versions of their more popular songs and that is how the CD is created. All the proceeds go to local charities which is a great cause.

This year Carl and I stood in line for about an hour as it was windy and ONLY about 3 degrees. Burr is all I can say. Next year, I will have my hand and feet warmers.



Yes, we got the goods and some coffee to go with it! 🙂

After standing in line, I drove to UW Stout, my Alma Mater to speak to a few classes, do some networking/recruiting. I do enjoy that. Of Course I hit up the bookstore!

UWStout_Alumni UWStout


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