After our wedding, we booked our honeymoon so that we can go during the blustery winter we always have in the Midwest. We waited because the place we wanted to go did not have their dates up in conjunction to the flights, we ended up booking the end of September. We are going to Catalonia Bavaro Resort-Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. It is an all-inclusive adult only resort. We are excited and were right on track.


I went to apply for my passport and I needed my Certificate of Citizenship, so I had to call my mom and meet her, this was the beginning of October. I went back and submitted my application, it costs a lot by the way. I got a letter back from the Passport office the middle of October, it stated my birth date was wrong on my Natz Certificate and that I had to get it fixed in order for my application to continue in the process.

I called USCIS to ask about this and what I needed to do. What a run around I got. I was frustrated as I felt that I was being treated like an immigrant and I have been a citizen for 26 1/2 years, pay my taxes and the whole works. They said it could be 9-10 months to get a new certificate with the right birth date. WHAT?!, we don’t have that time as our trip was only a few months away. My family was trying to help pull any connections, one of my sisters sent an email that set a lightbulb off. I have a few connections in the ICE office and I emailed them to ask about my situation, they got me in contact with a person, who was amazing! This woman, set up an appt on 11/7/14 for me to get my new certificate, it took all of 10 minutes. Then I had to mail in the new certificate to Passport and I sent in extra money to have it expedited.

I got my Passport the week of Thanksgiving! WE are both so happy, as we could have been out our honeymoon money. My friends and co-workers joked that I was going to get deported back to India. lol

Here is the proof!



Honeymoon, here we come! 🙂


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