Thanksgiving 2014

What another great Thanksgiving at my parent’s house. We drove up Wednesday so we had more time with family. I was in a different location for work and while I was there, mother nature dropped 7 inches of snow, I was a little nervous as we wanted to leave that night. It turned out ok as it was south not east. Going home was good and spending time with family was just want we needed. We should be “Very” thankful everyday not just one day out of the year.

Here are a few pictures of our Thanksgiving!

Thankgiving_Snow The pretty snowy trees at work.

Thanksgiving_Turkey The amazing turkey my Pa cooked.

Thanksgiving_Roast The awesome rolled pork roast my mom made as well.

Thanksgiving_Pie I love this photo, fresh pies from my mom on a frosty table.

Bless_This_Food Our Thanksgiving spread! Delicious

Thankful_Wine Can’t have Thanksgiving without our homemade wine!

Happy Thanksgiving 2014!


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