Welcome To The BARN!!!

For one of Carl’s Christmas presents, was a ticket package to 3 Minnesota Gopher Men’s Basketball Games. He has never been to the MN Gopher Williams Arena. (aka, “The Barn”) There is a lot of historical significance to the arena. I thought it would be the perfect gift and a plus because I got to pick the 3 games we could go to.

Dec. 22 Gophers vs. Furman: W-86-76 (really intense game)

Jan. 6 Gophers vs. Ohio St.

Mar. 3 Gophers vs. Wisconsin

I bought a Gopher t-shirt and put it in a box with the two remaining tickets, so when he opened the shirt he would get the tickets.

Here are a few pictures from our first time at “The Barn”!

Gopher_Game Entrance of Williams Arena

Court_1 Carl in awe of the arena.

Court_2 The court up-close

Our_Seats The view from our seats

Warm_Up The Gophers warming up.

It was fun to watch all the alumni get really into the game. Seeing Ohio St. and Wisconsin will be high energy games because they are in the Big 10 Conference.

We had a great time and can’t wait for the other two.

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