Getting to know Dominican Republic Part 1…

On our honeymoon, we wanted to get to know more about the Dominican Republic and we booked a tour with Outback Adventures DR. We rode all over for the day in what appeared to be a converted truck into a jeep. The places we went and the country side we saw was truly unbelievable. We saw a Dominican school, how a family lives and how they can gain a supplemental income. We had the opportunity to taste fresh coffee from coffee beans, we got to try fresh coconut oil and tried fresh coco. We got to see a guy roll a cigar and then he paid a $1 to smoke one that he had previously rolled, it smelt good. We also went to the last public beach in Punta Cana-meaning no hotel has snatched it up yet.

Here are photos!

The next post will have more from our day and the beach.



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