Love, Marriage, Life and Taxes on Valentine’s Day

This year on Valentine’s Day we had a 4pm appointment with a CPA! How fun and romantic that is. NOT. But that is love, marriage and life at it’s finest. We stayed home and cooked for Valentines Day! Carl has made his best filet mignon, it was like butter and you didn’t have to chew it. Our side dishes were roasted brussels and PW’s crashed hot potatoes. I made a chocolate mousse that I had seen on the Today Show that morning, it was rich and delicious. Then I found a fruity drink that I wanted to make. Needless to say, we didn’t make the drink that night because we ate way to much, but we had it for breakfast the next morning. Yum.

The wine is Apothic Crush and was very good.


Hope  you all had a good Valentine’s Day regardless of what you did or who you were with.

-With Love, Blondie!

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