Feeling Gratitude and Blessed

This last year has been eventful and full of lasting memories. Carl and I got engaged in January 2014, I took a new job in July 2014, we married in August 2014, honeymooned in January 2015 and Carl took a new job this February 2015. We are so blessed and grateful for everyone who has been with us and impacted our lives. We have supportive families and lasting friendships. We feel so rich with love, happiness and joy.

I am writing this post as we encountered all of this joy this past week. Carl had his last week of work this past week after being at his company for over six and a half years. His company was so good to him and good to us through the years. I went to his going away party and what his co-workers had to say about him and how supportive of him they were, made me so proud of him! Carl will be going from an in office setting to working remote from home, it will be a BIG change and challenge but we are ready for it.

We had a wonderful lunch date with both of our parents today and we were so thankful for the time we get with them that is full of love, laughter and support.

We are so excited about all the changes and what is to come for the rest of 2015! We are looking forward to Billy Joel in May! 🙂

IMG_1098 Some of our favorite photos together that shows what we mean to each other.


FullSizeRender (2) Our lives wouldn’t be complete without Arie.



This is one of my favorite photos because it describes Carl and I and our relationship perfectly.

Remember: Life is short. Love someone, spread happiness, laugh as much as possible. Forgive and forget, live life without regret.

-Happy Sunday.


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