Basketball Baby

Carl and I both played basketball in high school and our love for the game continues. It is fun when we go to the games together; we have gone to a handful of NBA games, College games and local high school games. It is sweet that we got to watch a kid play who is now on Duke-he’s freaky good.

This past week was all about basketball. One of my favorite NBA players came back to the MN Timberwolves and boy was I excited. “The Big Ticket-KG” aka Kevin Garnett. So I told Carl we have to get tickets, I found them for Monday night against the LA Clippers.

Here are a few photos- sorry they are a little burry-stupid Iphone. lol

IMG_1325 Feels good to be back at a game. We had good seats

IMG_1330 Ah, KG-great to have you back!

IMG_1333 “The Big Ticket”

IMG_1336 KG and Rubio warming up before second half.

IMG_1342 That weird blow up thing was a little creepy but had to share.

Besides the Wolves on Monday night, we had a MN Gopher game against the WI Badgers on Thursday night. What a completely different atmosphere. I must say I like the college ball atmosphere.

Here are a few photos of the college game.

IMG_1363 IMG_1365 IMG_1366

We can’t wait for March Madness! We always do the brackets and we place a bet that loser buys supper and a movie! I have won the last few years! 🙂 May the luck be with me!



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