Foodie Alert…

Holy Cow, food overload! Two weeks ago, I stopped at a grocery store by one of my work locations. I love this particular store because they have a great selection of gluten free options, lots of fresh food and variety. I am always looking for new gluten free finds. I found the best gluten free pasta ever and it is flavored. I bought the garlic basil and lemon pepper-brand is Sunrise Creative Gourmet. Also, another perk, they are locally made. So good, did I say that yet. 🙂


This is the photo of the pasta noodles and then my supper for that night. I chopped up mushrooms, red/green peppers, tomatoes and added Italian sausage. I have noticed I am not a fan of white or red pasta sauce as much. I prefer an olive oil herb based sauce. So I used some butter, olive oil and fresh rosemary and thyme for my sauce. It had so much flavor. Yum! It also made a lot so we have had some for leftovers and it re-heats well.

I highly recommend this gf pasta.

Happy Sunday!


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