Water Logged…

Even though this summer has been busy, we have managed to get to the lake a handful of times. Arie figured out swimming at my friend Teri and Matt’s house. We were so happy and proud of him, it felt like a kid in swimming for the first time. lol He swam for about 3-4 hours and you think he would have been tired, no not at all. Then we went to the meat raffle with them and that was fun.


Arie in the car on our way to the week. Why so serious, not we’re going to the lake!


Arie swimming at Teri and Matt’s. So glad he figured out swimming.

The next day we went to my sister’s friends house for her birthday. Arie swam and played for almost 6 hours. We had a lot of fun that weekend with friends and family and can’t believe how much Arie loves the water.

When we are home we play in the pool, anything with water and we are good.

IMG_0341Enjoying our day together.

IMG_0342 Arie is ball crazy!

Happy swimming!


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