A Girl’s Two Favorite Things: Her Dog and a Haircut

After our “trash the dress” photos, I was in need for a fresh haircut! I had my layers trimmed up and had some color added for fall. I prefer my hair a little longer in the winter so I didn’t take too much off.


It turned out really well. I wish I could get my hair to look like that the next day!

Here are a handful of Arie photos! Yup, I’m a puppy mama and proud of it. I am sure if I have kids, the shift in who gets photographed will change. lol

I love the last photo of Arie, He just had his yearly vet appointment and teeth cleaning. Carl sent me the photo and said “He is a little loopy”! Look at those legs. He is a whopping 65 lbs, I think he is leveling out now. He is still pretty lean though. We think we’ll keep him!


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