Carl’s Anniversary Present from Me

Carl’s anniversary gift was tickets to two MN Gopher Football games, he has never been to the stadium so I thought it was perfect. I had a co-worker help me pick the games and seats. I didn’t realize how big/important the first game was. It was the MN Gophers versus TCU Horned Frogs game and apparently, TCU is ranked #2 in the nation. It was the season opener for the Gophers and it was sold out with about 55,000 fans there, the atmosphere was so awesome. Carl is a big college sports fans and not sure why we haven’t gone to a game sooner. The Gophers did not win, 17-23, which is fine but they played a good game and it wasn’t a blow out. The defense looked good but they needed their offense to step up.

We have tickets to one more game, Gophers versus Michigan on Oct. 31st, Halloween, that will be a crazy game!

Here are some photos from the game!

Good Job Gophers!

See you in October!

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