Trying for balance…

The last couple of weeks have been kind of “blah”. I have had two flare ups with my sjogren’s. (click the link to learn what Sjogren’s is) I went on prednisone twice for 5 days. I don’t think I am out of the woods yet, some of the symptoms are still lingering. I have felt a little stressed and overwhelmed because we have started the home buying process. We met with our loan officer and real estate agent last Thursday to figure out what loan we will go with, then on Friday we met with Carl’s financial advisor to make sure we are were we need to be with savings for short and long term.

When I go into a flare up, I get bad chest pains and a horrible dry sore throat. This time I knew it was bad because I broke out in a rash. I see my specialist in two weeks, not soon enough. I do my best to deal with the pain and not take any medicine and find other techniques to deal. I had a nervous break down with all the health and house stuff, we looked at 5 houses with our realtor on Saturday.

A few months back, I had purchased Young Living essential oil roll ons for stress, sleep and pain relief. I am so glad I did that, they have been good to have. They have helped me with balance, stress, pain and sleep.


I know it sounds weird, but having a pet helps too. Arie is a great companion. He got multiple car rides this weekend so we had one happy dog.

Here are some funny photos of Arie

IMG_0792 IMG_0811

I don’t think this bed is big enough for the three of us.





IMG_0815 How close can I get to Papa before he knows I am ready to get up.

IMG_0818 Will someone please help me get the ball?!


IMG_0809We made s’mores last night over the grill! Yum!

It was a good relaxing weekend!

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