Wine Wine Wine…

I love me some wine!

At the end of August, I went to a local winery- Saint Croix Vineyards for a friend’s bachelorette party. We were scheduled for a tasting and a tour. This is in my wheel house with our wine making. (we haven’t stopped making wine, just taking a break because we will be moving in a few months and don’t want to disturb our wine that needs to be fermenting, I can’t wait to get back at it!)

Anyway, I was the first one at the winery, waiting for the rest of the party and I at least waited 15 minutes prior to feeling what the hell, I want wine. So I bought a glass of the Summer Red wine, it was a great chilled red wine as it was warmer that day. I should have bought a bottle.

When everyone got there we started our tasting and tour. It was cool because one of the grape growers gave us the tour. I was really interested in the process, the others not so much-newbies! 🙂

Here are a few photos I snapped.

IMG_0708I should have tried a grape.

IMG_0712 Our tour guide

IMG_0714This is one heck of a bottling machine.

Can I quit my day job!? I want to make wine.

This photo is from one of my favorite wine and cheese places. YUM!


Happy Wine Drinking!

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