A Stroll Down Memory Lane…

Last week, I travelled to my Alma Mater- University of Wisconsin-Stout for the big fall Career Conference and I was asked to speak to the counseling class while I was there. I really enjoy going back to do that stuff and I feel like I’m paying it forward by letting the current students know what the “real world” is like after college. I try to give advice about when they pick their internships and keeping an open mind.

After I was done, I was walking on campus to the bookstore, I had to get my t-shirt. I happened to call my one college friend that I have kept in touch with and told her I was walking on campus. She asked if I went to the Alumni building to see if our brick was still there. We worked at the call center our last year of college and anyone who go to work there got to “leave their mark” by painting a brick.

I ran into one of the Alumni staff who remembered me and she was excited to see me. She asked if I would be on their panel in the future and I mentioned to her I work with a handful of Stout Alumni, so she gave me a bunch of Stout swag to bring back to work.

UW Stout will always hold a sweet spot for me, that is where Carl and I met and where I discovered myself and what I want to be when I grow up! 🙂

Here are a few photos from my trip.

Pay it forward.


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