Haunted House — Round 1

Present Day: Last weekend, my sister came to hang out because we had a bridal shower to attend on Sunday. Saturday we had a nice lunch with Carl and then her and I went shopping. That night, we decided to go to a local haunted house. Yes, we willingly paid money to have the crap scared out of us. When it comes to haunted houses, I have two speeds, 1. I run as fast as I can and 2. Ah, hell no I am not going first and plant my feet and they have to push me through or I hold up the line; there isn’t any speed between.

Flashback: I have grown up going to haunted houses, attractions and watching scary movies. I don’t know why, must be the adrenaline rush because I can’t think of any other logical reason. I remember going to a haunted house at the county fairgrounds with my family, including grandma for my birthday one year. I remember my sister and her husband were in front of me and I was pushing them to hurry up, when I saw the clearing, I ran. As I got to the exit a guy popped out with a chainsaw that was running, there was not a chain on it, its a prop-obviously. As I saw him, I booked it out of there and he chased me. During this dramatic scene, I got hit with the chainsaw hooks in my leg. Now, as an adult it doesn’t seem too bad but as a “tween” it was the end of the world. I was bleeding, crying and scared; one could have thought the guy had the chain on and cut my leg off. That is what started my utter, irrational fear of the chainsaw noise in a haunted house.

Present Day: When we were shopping we stopped at Total Wine, as we were walking through the store, I was joking about getting Fireball so we would stay warm and have courage. The staff said to get this whiskey called Catch Fire, apparently it is better than Fireball, ah what the heck, I bought a bottle. We gave ourselves some “liquid” courage.


Carl, my sister and I were surprised at how busy the local haunted house was. As we were standing in line, they had weird creatures walking around.

IMG_1001                IMG_1002

While waiting line, I noticed a lot of young kids, so trying to be brave and telling myself “I’ve got this”. We thought it was weird that we didn’t hear any screaming nor did we see anyone coming out! When we were next in line by the entrance, we heard the screams. I was trying to save face, but they made me go first, so speed 2. came out. I did not want to go through, my feet were planted to the ground. We had to make it through 13 different rooms; there were two rooms I hated, one with dolls and one with clowns. We were walking through the doll room, my sister and Carl got the characters to chant my name, which is creepy and not the first time they have done that. The blacklight clown room was next, which Carl hated. Because of the blacklight everything had neon color to it, there were polka dots glowing on the floor and I was looking at them and all of sudden a guy dressed in black with polka dots jumped up. Lets say the next scene was rather comical, according to Carl and my sister, I did a running thing in place and then planted my feet and ran, during that I stomped on my sister’s foot. Oops, needless to say we were all laughing, even the characters.

Trying to get out at the end was interesting, it was a room with 3 doors and you had to pick the right door, the little girl behind us was screaming and crying to get us out, I yelled back “I’m trying”! lol There might have been a few other words as I couldn’t find the right door. Needless to say, we had a successful haunted house outing. I’m laughing as I am writing this post.

That was Round 1 of our haunted house/attractions for 2015.

Happy Halloween!



P.S. be sure to read blog post My Reward for the Haunted House

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