My Reward for the Haunted House

My reward for making it through the haunted house was the Sunday bridal shower at the winery- Next Chapter Winery! Yahoo…. A friend of ours was throwing a bridal shower for her future daughter-in-law at a winery. Well you have the attention and attendance of my sister and I. You say wine, we are front, center and on time.

It ended up being a beautiful Sunday for a drive and to be at the winery. It was a beautifully decorated shower. The food was a pasta bar and our friend was so thoughtful and asked about my gluten allergy and made sure they had GF pasta for me. It was delicious, I wish I would have gotten the name of it. They played a 3 question game at the end and the prize was wine. The last question was who has been recently married, my hand shot up and I said me, but low and behold another girl beat me! UGH! I really wanted that bottle of wine. I did buy a red wine that I really liked called Dashing Groom. Yum!

Here are a few photos.

I would say that was a good reward for being brave at the haunted house.




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