Haunted House – Round 3

On October 30th, we decided to go to another local haunted house. I am glad we did, it was possibly the better one of the ones we went to. We went with a friend of ours and he brought his friend, which was good. I maybe told those two that they had to go first, I always have to go first so this time I opted out of it. 🙂 I’m a little evil maybe!

Present: We went to Hwy 61 Haunting Experience. There was lots to do there; a beer garden, food vendors, bonfire and zombie paintball besides the two haunted houses and the hayride.


Flashback: We went to a haunted house back in college. It was a friend of mine, her boyfriend, me, a guy I liked and another college friend. I remember making my guy friend go first, I don’t really remember where everyone else was, it’s really a blur until we hit the end. Towards the end, we were walking through this tunnel, a bright turned on, it looked like the front of a truck and then a guy stepped in front of it. Then it happened! It was a chainsaw that was running. I remember pushing everyone out of my way and I ran, ran as fast as I could out of the building, down the hill and around the corner. Once, I got far enough away I slowed down and noticed some of my friends were around the corner and saw everything. They were laughing hysterically and they didn’t  know that was what they were going to get when going to a haunted house with me.

Present: According to the website, this “haunted experience” has been around for over 25 years, which is crazy since we haven’t heard of it before. While standing in line they had a TV playing clips of the place in years past and I couldn’t watch because there were lots of chainsaws. It was our turn to go in, we had to go through “Tinkles Playland” first, the name alone sounds creepy and clown like. As we were walking, there was these little kids that were being rather annoying and we thought they were lost from their parents. Carl asked “where are your parents?!”, the little girl said she ate them. I turned and looked at her and said “how old are you?!” It was a little disturbing, lol. We walked into the clown place, I tried not to think about it.

From there, we walked to The Manor House, all I could hear were the chainsaws. I made our friend go first! I didn’t understand why, but the haunted house people kept breathing on us, it was so gross. We got stuck in the “hospital” room and they wouldn’t let us out. As we got to the end I could hear the chainsaws and I saw bright lights and a loud car horn. We walked into the last room and I saw the guy standing there in his trucker hat and flannel cut off shirt and the chainsaw in his hand. He walked up to us and it wasn’t on and he put it between my friends legs, which was a little weird. Then he turned it on and I was behind my friend, the chainsaw guy said something if you touch it, I will get it. He put the chainsaw down by my ankles and I pushed it away, then he started it and was hitting my ankles. Again, I jumped up and ran and kept running. When I got out I ran to the first open door realizing that was the beginning so I had to turn around. The people standing there were laughing at me. I said I didn’t like chainsaws.

Then we had the haunted hayride. It was probably one of the better ones I have been on. They pop out from the houses and random places and say they want you to stay for dinner and all that. They followed the tractor and wagon, then they would jump up on it, walk by you and breathe on you again. I remember in my head, I kept saying “be brave”. There was one girl who came running out of this run down house and was saying her parents were dead and she did it, then she said she needed a new mommy. She jumped up on the wagon and her weird “cousin” said he found one and was pointing to a woman on the ride, and the girl said, will you be my mommy. The little boy sitting there said no that’s my mommy. It was sad but really funny. lol There were more chainsaws and they jumped up on the wagon and put the chainsaw down on the wood we sat on and it freaked everyone out.

It was a good haunted house.

Here are a few photos.

IMG_1166 The fire was nice because it was a little cold and damp.

IMG_1167 The group of us who braved the haunted house.

IMG_1164 Thanks honey for putting up with yet another haunted house. 🙂

IMG_1177 OMG! This thing was scary, it came out of the field and was following the wagon really close, the red thing driving was a creepy clown. Freaky!

After we have gone to the haunted houses, we have found a local bar to go to and that has been fun too. This is the place our friend picked because it was on google. Um, this place was worse than the haunted house and very creepy. It looked like it was in a horrible scary movie and no one was getting out alive.

IMG_1170 IMG_1171 IMG_1172

It does not look like it has been open in years. SCARY!

Then we decided to go where there were more lights and seemed like we weren’t going to die.

IMG_1176 IMG_1175 We found The Busted Nut Bar and Grill. It was pretty good and it was fun to watch all the townies!

What a successful month of going to haunted houses, I can’t wait until next year.


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