Many Thanks & Blessings

I had a fun birthday this year; more like birthday week! 🙂 My birthday is November 1st, so the Monday prior Carl planned a surprise birthday dinner with my friends, which was so much fun and completely unexpected- Surprise Birthday Dinner click the link to view that blog post. On Wednesday that week we had wine and paint with two of our friends, Friday night we went to the haunted house and Saturday-Halloween, we went to the MN Gophers game. It was a busy week. I know I say it a lot but I am really thankful and blessed for the people that are in my life. I don’t have a lot of friends, but the ones I do have are fantastic! We have similar morals, values and aspirations which I feel makes us a great group of friends.

One of my friends sent this text to me and I felt it described me to a T.


I know I am not for everyone! I have a strong personalty, I hold the people in my life accountable, I call people out on their stuff and I ask they do the same for me. That isn’t always the case with the majority. Many people hide what they feel and can be passive aggressive and don’t want to deal with confrontation. Talking things out with people in a calm collected manner is not confrontation. I am the site-coordinator for our ICMS (Integrated Conflict Management System) team. This is a model or better yet,the culture that my agency is moving towards in order for staff to communicate with each other if there is conflict in the workplace. We want to make sure that we are providing a safe, productive work environment. So in this model we encourage that the people talk things out and deal with it at the lowest level. We provide conflict coaching and self mediation so they are just not going into it blind. I really like it. I have attempted to talk with others in my personal life about issues on a one on one level and that hasn’t always gone well. Again, I need to go back to I am not for everyone and neither is my personalty or my style. I do struggle with that a little but as I get older, ah who cares-my family and friends accept and love me, that is good enough! I don’t need more friends! 🙂

Anyways, my parents happened to be in town on the day of my birthday, at my brothers house. My papa got a new truck and they were bringing the other truck to my brother to see if he can sell it. So it was cool to see them. I haven’t seen my parents on my birthday in almost 11 years so it was nice to see them. My brother mixed me up a gin and tonic at maybe 11am, it’s all good!

IMG_1212Sitting in my papa’s new truck, my drinking cup and gotta get a picture with papa!

That night, Carl took me out for a really nice dinner to one of our favorite restaurants! Yum!

IMG_1207 Who doesn’t love shrimp cocktail! Yum!

IMG_1208 This was the best creme brule I have ever had and it was gluten free! Amazing! It was a party in my mouth!

12196093_10100795968007382_5213680982419625806_n Carl snapped a photo of me. Thanks for the great dinner! Also, I got the new Pioneer Woman cookbook and a new teapot! 🙂

Thank You family, friends and Carl for another good birthday! I appreciate you all and thank you for loving me and pushing me to be my best.



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