Sippin Wine in the Sun…

Two weekends ago, Carl and I drove south to go meet some friends to check out their new house they built. We wanted to see the house as we have been going back and forth with house stuff during our search. We had fun seeng their house and visiting.

When we were done we hit up a few of the local wineries around there. We went to Chankaska Creek Winery, we have never been there before and they served lunch so we wanted to check it out. Carl had the pizza and said it was good, I had a cheese plate. I must say, they need to add more gluten free options. Then we drove to the Next Chapter Winery, to meet a friend. I have been to this winery a few times. Our friend that we met had her future daughter-in-law’s bridal shower there and I tried a red blend wine that was awesome. I wanted more of that wine, they were having a November sale on wine. So when we walked in I asked for a glass of it, she said they were out, I said out of bottles too, she said yes. I was so bummed because that was the whole reason for being there. I wanted the wine for Thanksgiving. Instead we drove to a nearby town and stopped at the liquor store where I bought 3 bottles of Dashing Groom-the name of the wine. Yum!


I love that Carl and I can share in the fun while wine tasting. I know he is a beer drinker so I appreciate his time with me when we go to the wineries! 🙂




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