The New Big House

A few weeks back, my co-worker and I were going to do a visit and when we were done we look the slightly longer way back to the office. Meaning we had to drive by the Minnesota Vikings new stadium. It is a crazy structure that they are building, here are some photos from what it looks like.

This will boost the economy big time in the Twin Cities. It will be neat to see it when it is all done. I was reading an article where they are picking local artists to create portraits of former Viking football players. One of the artists is actually an alumni from mine and Carl’s Alma Mater which is pretty cool! She has some beautiful work.

I am typing this post as I watch the Vikings play the Falcons. I am torn, I want the Vikes to win because its our team, I also have Adrian Peterson on my fantasy football league. However, I wish the Falcons would do well because I have M. Ryan and J. Jones on my fantasy football team.

Skol Vikings!


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