Arie Finding Himself.

This transition has been interesting for Arie. He’s trying to find his “spots” in the new house. In the townhome, he had certain spots he would lay while Carl was working or when we were home. There were certain “lanes” where the ball was thrown.

In the new house it is different for Arie. The floors on the main floor are laminate which aren’t comfortable for him to lay on and downstairs we are still unpacking and putting boxes away. And of course we need to find a “lane” for ball throwing.

Carl sent me this photo.

IMG_1502 he is sitting at the top of the stairs.

He did this same thing at the townhome; however, the stairs were outside of Carl’s office, not in the new house.

The Monday after we moved, I drove to the townhome to pick up our canvases and other odds and ends. When I walked into the townhome, this is what I saw. It made me sad a little, Arie left his mark in the townhome! What great memories we had!


Can’t leave the tennis ball.

We are trying to fit in at the new house. Sweet Arie!

IMG_1564              IMG_1567


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