Transformation-Living Room & Foyer

This was our story for last week. Wednesday night, we took all the face plates. Thursday night, Carl tapped all the base-boards and around the windows. Friday night, I painted around all the outlets and Carl did the edging for the ceiling. Saturday morning, we got up early moved the furniture and Carl edged the base-boards and then rolled the living room and I helped move furniture.

It was a busy Saturday, I made brownies in the morning as well, I had to run to the store to go grocery shopping and made cheeseburger soup all while doing all the painting.

Here are some before photos.

During photos.

After painting photos! What a difference paint makes. It gives a room a completely different look, feel, color and feels so clean. We are so happy with the color gray we picked. We picked Repose Gray from Sherwin Williams.

We are going to work on the upstairs hallway, kitchen and spare bedroom upstairs this weekend. It has taken great patience and team work to get this done! Carl is awesome at painting and I appreciate all his hard work!

Stayed Tuned for the next transformation.

Happy Painting!


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